Hurricane Katie



Board up the windows, loot a supermarket and then hide in a basement, it's




and this is comedy carnage...

★★★★ - Female Arts Magazine


Like the most memorable of UK gales, Katie Pritchard is blowing over the patio furniture of comedy, partially damaging the graden fence of genre and dropping a large, sturdy branch onto the car bonnet of musicality. For Katie specialises in all things Comedy Carnage, a term of her own (and in no way self-important) devising. To extend a metaphor already stretched to its limit, like all the best weather-based wind events, Comedy Carnage sweeps up a lot of stuff and hurls it together in one beautiful whirlwind of chaos. In this instance that chaos is jokes, music, poems, dancing, and facts, rather than an actual literal whirlwind of cows, patio umbrellas, bill-boards and roofing materials, which would be terrifying for her audience, but is co-incidentally the name of her next show.


In this tiny twister of a U.K. mini-tour, star* (*in this instance, please take 'star' to mean 'sole performer') of bookshop-centered comedy sketch podcast - "Literally Comedy" - Pritchard brings her show to as many venues as she can feasibly cram into her schedule, brain, and tiny car!

So, batten down the hatches, put domestic pets on a high shelf and venture outside to enjoy some sublime craziness, all done in the name of fun and in a huge meteorological disappointment, in no way done with any further reference to the name of her actual show. Performing in her unique Alternative Musical Stand-Up style expect characters, shiny costumes, sweets, parodies and maybe even original songs on her Ukulele. Katie also arrogantly claims to be very proficient at impersonations of inanimate objects, and that she is a professional Kazoo player, both of which are either true or the ramblings of a woman with too much time on her hands.


It's going to be one big magical mystery tour around the inner workings of her brain. Who knows what could happen? You will, when you come along.


"Sometimes surreal, often unusually perceptive, and always original and entertaining (Female Arts Magazine)


"Bags of charm...a star of the future" (Notts Comedy Review)


"Rather brilliant" (Everything Theatre)


Sunday 22nd October


Tribecca Basement

50 Sackville Street, Manchester, M1 3WF


Thursday 2nd November


Lych Gate Tavern

44 Queen Square, Wolverhampton, WV1 1TX


Saturday 11th November



3 Saville Row, Saville Street,

Kingston-Upon-Hull, HU1 3EF


Copyright @ Katie Pritchard